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Запрошуємо подавати заявки проєктів розвитку співпраці

Створено: 2021.03.22 / Оновлено: 2021.03.22 17:08
    Запрошуємо подавати заявки проєктів розвитку співпраці

    Посольство Литовської Республіки в Україні запрошує подавати проєкти заявок щодо розвитку співпраці на виконання програми Розвитку співпраці та допомоги демократії на 2021 рік.

    The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine calls to submit applications for the implementation of the projects of the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme in Ukraine in 2021.

    The Embassy calls for submission of APPLICATIONS for the implementation of the following project concepts:

    1. Development of Educational Opportunities in the Regions of Ukraine
    2. Support for Socially Vulnerable Groups
    3. Ukrainian Energy Sector Contribution to the European Green Deal

    Covid-19 requirements must be adhered to when planning for activities.

    A total of EUR 100,000 will be allocated to these projects in 2021.

    Financing will be provided for the projects that are in line with the Inter-Institutional Action Plan on Development Cooperation guidelines, adopted by Resolution No. 937 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on September 21, 2016 (Valid summary of Nov 15, 2017). Submitted applications for the projects must conform to the multilateral and/or bilateral strategic agreements between Ukraine, EU and Lithuania, and/or development strategies of Ukraine.

    Information on the submission of applications for development cooperation projects, selection procedures, implementation and information for providers as well as any other project-related information is available in:

    1) Description of Procedure for the Implementation of Development Cooperation Activities and Provision of Humanitarian Assistance by State and Municipal Institutions and Agencies, approved by Lithuanian Government Resolution No 278 of 26 March, 2014;


    2) Description of Procedure of the Implementation of the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme, established by Order No. V-170 of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania on 12 June, 2019.


    Applicant must specify at least one partner in Ukraine and add the partner’s consent to cooperate on project implementation. A partner in Ukraine is not obligatory if application for a project is being submitted by an entity of Ukraine or by an international organization.

    Legal entities and natural persons, other organisations and their subsidiaries of Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine are invited to submit signed and scanned project applications and project estimates in Lithuanian or English, according to the established forms (Project Application Form and Project Application Estimate Form), together with the required and, if available, additional attachments by e-mail [email protected]

    Project applications will be accepted until 15 April 2021, 24:00 (Ukrainian time, GMT+2). The receipt of the submitted Application will be confirmed by e-mail. The Embassy reserves the right to extend the deadline for the acceptance of project applications.

    For additional information, please contact [email protected] or visit https://orangeprojects.lt/en/legal-information.  

    Useful information:

    List of inessential shortcomings (technical errors) of project applications for the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme
    Form of Assessment of the contents of the application for a development cooperation project





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